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About Us

About Us

Concrete Plus, a leading construction contractor, has been instrumental in propelling major projects forward nationwide.

With visionary founders who draw upon their extensive executive experience in renowned Egyptian construction enterprises, the company has quickly established itself as a market leader.

Through their expertise in engineering and contracting, Concrete Plus has achieved remarkable milestones and transformed visionary aspirations into concrete achievements.

Concrete Plus

Introducing the Founders

Tarek Youssef, the Founder and CEO of Concrete Plus, is a driving force behind strategic growth and business development in the construction and engineering industry. With a mission-driven approach, Tarek excels in effectively managing human capital, financial resources, and natural resources, establishing these principles as core elements of the company’s DNA.

Drawing from extensive managerial experience across various disciplines in construction and engineering, Tarek also serves as the Co-founder of FMPlus+ and holds the position of CEO at T&D Designs Group, a regional firm specializing in furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E).

Additionally, he actively contributes as a board member of Act Financial. Tarek holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Cairo University, along with an MBA in Strategic Management from IESE Business School – Barcelona.

Hossam Fikry, the Managing Director of Concrete Plus, is instrumental in expanding the company’s competitive edge through his profound expertise in project management and operations within the construction industry.

With a comprehensive view of day-to-day operations, Hossam ensures seamless synergy among different departments and subsidiaries, fostering a business environment that prioritizes growth and investment. His strong leadership drives Concrete Plus towards sustained success in construction, engineering, and contracting endeavors.



Concrete Plus's philosophy and values are the fundamental principles that underpin our business operations across all locations, divisions, and positions. They are the essential pillars that unify and sustain our continuously expanding company. Our philosophy and values shape our approach to conducting business, ensuring integrity, excellence, and innovation in everything we do.

They provide a solid framework for decision-making, foster collaboration and teamwork, and guide us in building enduring relationships with clients and partners. By adhering to our core principles, we maintain a cohesive and thriving organization, poised for ongoing growth and success.





Integrity is the cornerstone of our organization, as we prioritize delivering on our commitments to customers, employees, staff, and society. We uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct, ensuring trust, reliability, and accountability in all our interactions and endeavors.



Diligence is ingrained in our team's mindset, as they consistently strive for personal and professional growth, fueled by a resolute determination to achieve their goals. Their unwavering commitment to clarity empowers us to shape the future through their relentless pursuit of excellence.


of Success

With extensive experience and a demonstrated history of achievement in the Egyptian market, our team brings valuable expertise to the table. We prioritize quality, workplace health and safety, and environmental performance, upholding these values with unwavering dedication.



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Concrete Plus


At Concrete Plus, our focus extends beyond profitability to encompass positive contributions to the community, society, and the planet. We believe in the importance of sustainability and the long-term development of our environment. Through eco-friendly practices, sustainable building and architecture, and green initiatives, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint.

We recognize that our actions, including the projects we undertake, environmental impact, employee recruitment and training, adherence to ethical values, and community investments, collectively shape our overall influence. As a construction company, we embrace the challenge to continually improve in these areas. We have made significant strides, particularly in health and safety, and remain committed to advancing sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Concrete Plus is fully aligned with Egypt’s 2030 vision, embracing a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. We prioritize the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in the construction industry to mitigate any adverse environmental impacts. Our aim is to create a healthier and more sustainable future for future generations, ensuring their well-being and prosperity.