Concrete Plus

About Us

About Us

Founded in 1998 by Tarek Youssef and Hossam Fikry.

Concrete Plus has been instrumental in the development of major construction projects across the country.

Both founders had the vision to develop the future, based on their considerable previous expertise as executives in prominent construction enterprises in Egypt.

Concrete Plus quickly established itself as one of the best companies in the market, with numerous accomplishments and helping transform its vision into a reality.

Concrete Plus

Meet the Founders

Tarek Youssef is the Founder and CEO of Concrete Plus, focusing on strategic growth and business development. Mission driven, Tarek has maintained business excellence through effective resource management of human capital, financial resources and natural resources embedding this in the company’s DNA.

Tarek’s remit of managerial experience extends to multiple disciplines across construction and engineering, where currently he also holds the position of Co-founder of FMPlus+, CEO of T&D designs group, a regional firm in (Furniture, fixtures, and equipment) FF&E conglomerate. Tarek is also a board member of Act Financial and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Cairo University along with an MBA in Strategic Management from IESE Business School – Barcelona.

Hossam Fikry is Concrete Plus’ Managing Director, where he leads with passion and drive expanding the company’s competitive edge through long-standing project management and operations.

Managing the day-to-day operations, Hossam’s bird eye view means that there has been synergy between the different departments and subsidiaries ensuring that the business continues to focus on growth and investment.



Across all geographies, business divisions, and roles, our philosophy and values serve as the foundation for how we conduct business.

They are the pillars that hold Concrete Plus's constantly growing company together.





Our commitment to keeping our promises to our customers, employees, staff, and society is based on our commitment to integrity.



Our staff is always in pursuit of self-development with a burning ambition to fulfill their personal and professional goals with complete clarity to help us construct the future.


of Success

We are a seasoned team with a proven track record of success in and knowledge of the Egyptian market. Quality, workplace health and safety, and environmental performance are all values that we strongly adhere to.



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Concrete Plus


We think that rather than merely making a profit, we should have a good influence on the community, greater society, and our planet.

What we create, the environmental effects, recruiting and training methods, adherence to rights and values, community investment, and so on all contribute to our total impact and our footprint.

Concrete Plus, as a construction firm, is frequently challenged to do more in this area, and has achieved significant progress in the past, notably in terms of health and safety.

In alignment with Egypt’s 2030 vision, Concrete Plus today aims to lessen its carbon footprint by adopting the latest technologies and methodologies in the construction business to dampen any negative effects on the environment, and ensure a healthier and more sustainable future exists for the coming generations.