What we care about


The management policy is that all construction works are performed in accordance with the
 Requirements of the individual client’s contract, specifications and drawings, the applicable regulatory requirements, the applicable sections of concrete plus quality manual and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards.

In order to accomplish this, all concrete plus personnel are qualified and trained in the individual specialty involved, concrete plus ensures that vendors, suppliers and subcontractors are committed to concrete plus’s goals that is to produce only the top quality of product for our clients.

The implementation and enforcement of this Quality manual has the unconditional support of Concrete plus management.

Quality Policy and objectives


CONCRETE PLUS   Co. always being fully committed to the principles quality, occupational health, safety and the environmental performance, which includes the framework of operations and meets the requirements of customers, employees, staff and the society during the application of integrated management systems for quality, occupational health, safety and environmental leading to the continual improvement.

This can be achieved through:

-    Strict compliance with all specifications, law, legislation and other requirements regarding to quality , occupational health ,  safety and the environment.
-    Provision of safety, protection and precaution means for all employees, contractors, and visitors for emergencies and issuing appropriate instructions and providing trained stuff to ensure their safety and the safety of the surrounding environment.
-    Optimum utilization of resources and equipment with application of the latest technologies to cope with the continuing developments that lead to improvements of work performance for prevents pollution; protect the environment and loss prevention.
-    Giving special attention to the training and awareness in order to develop interpersonal skills for the advancement of quality management systems, environmental dissemination awareness and occupational health and safety programs.
-    Identification of risks, environmental impacts in order to develop appropriate plans, procedures and implement appropriate analysis for accidents to reduce their effect and avoid further recurrence.
-    Continuous development of the performance of quality, occupational health & safety and environment management systems through the processes of monitoring, measuring, evaluation and auditing.
-    Setting positive objectives and suitable work environment to enhance quality, occupational health & safety and environment management systems and periodically review the realizing of these objectives and setting the foundation for new objectives.