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Our Services


Concrete’s experience spans wide array of project types. We have never specialized in particular market, simply because our work has been driven the needs of community. This flexibility has meant opportunities to build everything from community centers to resorts, residential buildings and hospitals. When client calls beyond our home territory, take our values with us.
With prompt payment processes, safe jobsite practices and fair treatment, we build strong relationships and maximize local involvement for subcontractors and the community, everywhere work.


With headquarters in Cairo and full-service office, Concrete is privately held company with corporate stock owned by skillful engineers leading team of 15 experts in structural engineering and architecture. We consider this key to success, and reason project teams consistently the extra mile to keep projects on track and customers happy. While the majority work is negotiated with Guaranteed Maximum Price, have extensive experience with Design-Build, Lump Sum Bid, and other delivery methods. In over 10 years of operations, have never failed to complete project or had single demand placed upon our bonding company.


Because we self-perform much of our work, we have greater control over the entire construction process—from project/risk management to cost/quality controls. We thrive on the challenge of working ‘hands-on’ and owning responsibility for the most complex and challenging of projects, both large and small. So we can deliver the best final cost, every time.


Count on us to handle every aspect of your project, including preconstruction, self-perform services, project management, risk management, safety and legal services. We have in-house experts in conceptual estimating, alternative building systems, phasing/procurement strategies and much more. All to ensure you get the most from every construction dollar.


Quality and safety are the foundation of who we are, and one leads to the other. A safe site is a clean site, which builds both quality and pride. And a quality project eliminates rework, reducing the risk of injury. Our leadership in quality and safety stands alone.