Concrete plus corporate social responsibility
Concrete plus corporate social responsibility

We believe that we should have a positive impact on the community and wider society rather than simply generating profit.

The overall impact is determined by what we produce, the environmental impact, recruitment and training processes, adherence to rights and values, investment in the community, and so on.

Our responsibilities expressed in terms of Economic, Legal, Ethical & Philanthropic.
Concrete plus as a construction company are often challenged to do more in this area, and have in the past made great strides to improve, particularly about health and safety.

We are in Concrete plus for engineering and construction incorporate CSR in several ways, such as:
-    Well-designed buildings that improve quality of life and wellbeing.
-    Supporting education programs.
-    Supporting local community groups.
-    Giving time & other resources for charitable activities.
-    Good design and construction of community spaces, such as lighting, cycle paths, landscape,
and so on.
-    Minimizing waste.
-    Internships and work experience programs.
-    Flexible working for employees.
-    Work-from-home plans, gym memberships, and other employee benefits.
-    Career management, mentoring, and training programs.
-    Minimizing payment delays to subcontractors in the supply chain.
-    Energy efficiency initiatives.